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Voxhub Service Privacy Statement

We take the issue of the rights to privacy for all individuals and our business customers with the utmost importance. We have always considered privacy at the heart of our day to day operations since our service was first launched. We operate our services on behalf of our customers and believe privacy to be essential to this relationship.

Key Privacy Points

  • We are transparent and honest in our approach to privacy for all that interact with us
  • We only share data with outside organisations that is essential to operate our services
  • In nearly all cases service data belongs to our customer
  • All our data centres are located in the UK
  • We are compliant with the EU GDPR Regulations
  • We are regulated as a Public Communications Service Provider

More Information

Information on how we use data is detailed here.

Our full privacy policy is available for download here.

The Data Processing Addendum to our Full Customer Terms and Conditions is available to download here.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy practices, please contact us at: