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Number Porting

When someone changes their phone service provider, they will often want to take their existing telephone numbers with them. This process is known within the telecoms industry as Number Porting.

Number Porting works through a series of agreements to port numbers between two providers efficiently from one to the other as either the gaining or losing provider.

Voxhub are able to port to and from the majority of other providers.

The main providers Voxhub are able to port with are listed below.

Providers we most commonly port numbers from

  • BT
  • C&W
  • Gamma Telecom Holdings Ltd
  • KCOM Group PLC
  • Spitfire Network Services Ltd
  • TalkTalk Communications Limited
  • Telephony Services
  • Verizon UK Ltd
  • Virgin Media
  • Vodafone

Other providers we can port from

  • AQL
  • Baritel
  • Citrus Telecom
  • COLT Technology Services
  • Easynet
  • Essensys Ltd
  • Eurobell (Holdings) Limited
  • Excell Group
  • FleXtel
  • GCICom
  • Gradwell
  • I-net
  • iHub
  • Inclarity plc
  • Invoco
  • Level 3 Communications Ltd
  • Magrathea Telecommunications Ltd
  • Metronet UK
  • Mintaka
  • National Telephone Assistance
  • New Call Telecom
  • Nexbridge
  • Numbergroup Ltd
  • Orange Business Solutions
  • Orbital Net
  • Orbtalk Ltd
  • Pulsant (Scotland)
  • Simwood eSMS
  • Skype
  • Storacall (X-On)
  • Tamar Communications (Kalnet4U)
  • Telecom2 Ltd
  • Telserve
  • Thus Plc
  • Tipicall
  • Verizon UK Ltd
  • Viatel (UK)
  • Voiceflex
  • Voicehost
  • VoIP-Unlimited
  • Voipfone
  • Voxbone SA
  • Your Communications

If your current provider isn't listed

If your current provider doesn't appear on this page, it is most likely that they are a reseller for a provider that is listed. Voxhub are happy to investigate porting from any provider and it is very rare to find a number that cannot be ported.

If you are unsure about the status of your number and whether you would be able to port your number, it is always best to speak to your prospective new provider.