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Switching Service Providers

As of the 3rd April 2023, the Telecoms Industry operates a gaining provider led process for switching of Internet and telephone services between providers.

Although all providers must operate a gaining provider led service for switching, there are slightly different requirements for consumer and business services.

All of the Voxhub services provided are classed as business services. None of the services Voxhub provide are for consumers.

Voxhub therefore will follow the business process for switching after the 3rd of April 2023.

This will mean the following for Voxhub customers.

Customers Moving to Voxhub

For customers that are moving their services to Voxhub, our team will lead the switching process as the gaining provider.

This will mean that we will coordinate the switching process with the losing provider on behalf of our new customer.

In practice this will mean the following:-

  • We will identify all the services being switched from the existing provider.
  • We will coordinate the migration of all the relevant services as part of a switching project for our new customer.
  • We will communicate the target migration date(s) and coordinate the migrations with the existing provider.
  • We will ensure that all services migrated to Voxhub will be closed down and ended when instructed to do so by our new customer.

One of the benefits of the new gaining provider led switching process is that it allows Voxhub to act on behalf of our customer to ensure a smooth and efficient process. It also ensures that all migrated services are terminated and that billing with the losing provider is ceased accordingly.

Customers Leaving Voxhub

For customers that are leaving Voxhub, we will act as the losing provider and coordinate any migrations with the gaining provider.

This will include providing customers with any details of their Voxhub services that they will need to give to their new provider in the form of an asset list.

Our team will provide the implications of switching to any customers that are leaving Voxhub. This will explain the impact of moving any services relating to any contractual obligations that may apply.

Voxhub will supply details of any financial implications of switching to leaving customers. For customers that are out of contract this may just be an estimate of their final bill.

Voxhub will follow the sprit and intentions of the business Industry process when acting as a loosing provider.

To switch your service away from Voxhub, provide your new supplier with our switching email address and they can begin the process with our team on your behalf.

More Information

If you would like to find out more about the process of switching your services to or from Voxhub feel free to contact us via telephone or email.

Document Version: 1.0 - 3rd April 2023

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