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Voxhub Service Capabilities

Voxhub is a VoIP enabled business telephony service designed to replace traditional telephony solutions entirely.

Some key points specific to the capabilites of the Voxhub service are:

Access to Emergency Services

  • Voxhub offers access to emergency services 999/112 for all phones located in the UK.
  • Voxhub maintains location data which is provided to the emergency services for use when 999/112 is called. Voxhub maintains data for multiple locations per customer account to ensure that emergency services are correctly informed when 999 is dialled.

Telephone Numbering

  • Voxhub supplies at least one UK geographic number with each customer account. Voxhub can supply 056 VoIP numbers but do not do so unless requested by a customer.
  • Voxhub can port numbers owned by BT, Virgin Media, NTL, Telewest and several VoIP providers for use with our service.
  • Voxhub respect the rights of its customers to port telephone numbers away from the Voxhub service.

Power Dependencies

  • Voxhub can provide backup power for equipment at locations when requested by customers but does require the customer to invest in the additional equipment and set-up time required.
  • The equipment supplied for use with the Voxhub service is dependant on a local power supply.
  • Voxhub uses Internet connections for the making and receiving of calls. These connections are dependant on a local power supply.

Telecom Services

  • Voxhub provides operator services accessible by dialling 100.
  • Voxhub provides access to UK and International directory enquiries.
  • Voxhub can register customer telephone numbers with directory enquiries.

Reliability of Service

  • Voxhub provides a business service where reliability is a key aspect of the offering to our customers.
  • Internet connections supplied by Voxhub or one of our Network partners have a higher reliability as calls remain within private network boundaries managed by us and our partners.
  • Calls over the public Internet from outside the UK or for networks that are not partnered with Voxhub cannot be guaranteed.

Find Out More

Any questions regarding the capabilities of the Voxhub service or for more information regarding Regulatory Compliance, please all 020 3030 3000.