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What is Voxhub?

Voxhub is a new type of Telephone Company, purpose built by a team of seasoned Internet professionals with skills in service creation, software and IP networks.

Voxhub replaces the 'old school' model that consists of traditional lines, PBX, multi-vendor and telecom reseller with a direct to customer, single, consistent, integrated end to end service.

Our team built some of the first Internet services in the UK pre year 2000. In 2004 we felt that telephony was something that needed to be brought up to date to be more like the Internet and dedicated ourselves to the challenge.

What are we trying to achieve?

We deliver a single, definitive service that provides the finest business telephony solution removing the barriers of traditional telephony and at the same time going much further than the first wave of VoIP services like SIP trunking or hosted PBX.

We are a modern service provider that puts the customer first and innovates in how we achieve this. We are definitely not interested in following the path the majority of the market takes that focusses on selling long term contracts, making margin for themselves and simply reselling cobbled together solutions.

The scope of our ambitions is at the moment limited to telephony and all aspects that surround it to do with how a business uses the telephone as a communication tool.

What makes Voxhub different?

It's all about our approach!

Starting with a blank piece of paper, we looked at every aspect of what would be needed to create a new type of telephony service. Applying modern Internet thinking we have been ruthless about selecting components that fit all our future plans and starting from scratch where necessary. We ended up going much much further to achieve our goals, building a telephony and Internet network, service platform and an ethos on how we deliver our services to customers.

We are a modern service provider that offers services that customers desire.

"The Phone Company for the Internet Age"