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Voxhub is a complete solution

Voxhub supplies and is responsible for the complete end to end solution and operating the service, giving you one point of contact for your business telecoms.

Customers recommend us

Voxhub has happy customers. They rave about Voxhub to the extent that the many of our new customers come from recomendations.

Our service is guaranteed

Our guarantee that it all will work, is called "The Voxhub Recipe". The recipe was created from carefully selected components chosen for their reliability, feature sets and how well they perform together. We have put this together with thousands of hours of testing and an incredible amount of hard work.

On the surface the ingredients by themselves are not unique, however it is the blend that we have created, together with our knowledge of what works and what doesn't that makes our service special.

Customers select Voxhub to get the benefits of flexible telephony but it is our recipe that ultimately wins the day because this is what makes our service reliable day in and day out.

Voxhub is a fully managed service

Our team is your team. We keep your service running, provide support, maintenance, upgrades and advice. We are ready to take your calls.

Voxhub is more than cheap calls

In our eyes, Internet Telephony is about flexibility and features. Sure, you can save money on calls but after that you will benefit from features that improve your business communications.

Internet Telephony is all we do!

We are focussed on Internet Telephony. It's not an add-on service for us. We don't want to be Jack of all IT services, just Masters of VoIP.

Voxhub is Purpose Built

Voxhub comes with a built-in phone system that we designed from the ground up to be delivered as an Internet service.

Voxhub has its own Network

We have invested heavily in our network to be able to deliver a reliable business service. Our ADSL, SDSL and leased lines deliver this right to your office.

We know VoIP

VoIP leans more towards IT than it does to telecoms. Voxhub's team know VoIP technology inside and out, we're up to the task and on hand when you need us.

We innovate month after month

Our service is updated with new features and services monthly. Our developers have created Voxhub and we are constantly improving our service with ideas from our team and suggestions from our customers.