Voxhub work with many organisations on a day to day basis to deliver our services. These association are in the form of commercial partnerships, membership of trade bodies and industry lobbying groups.


Voxhub are members of TechHub.

We are active members in the Techhub community and are extremely grateful for the support and fantastic working environment provided to us by their fantastic team.


Voxhub are active members of ITSPA, the UK Internet Telephony Service Providers' Association. Furthermore, Voxhub are represented by Dan Winfield on the ITSPA Council, after election in 2010.

The Voxhub service has achieved the ITSPA Quality Mark, given to individual ITSPA members who actively promote best practice and aim for excellence both in service reliability and customer satisfaction.     Quality Mark Website


We are members of the London Internet Exchange (LINX) under our company name Served Up Ltd. With over 400 members connecting from over 50 different countries worldwide, LINX members have access to direct routes from a large number of diverse international peering partners. Using LINX allows a reliable exchange of traffic with increased routing control and improved performance.

Voxhub are members of RIPE NCC. RIPE NCC is one of five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) providing Internet resource allocations, registration services and coordination activities that support the operation of the Internet globally.


Voxhub are a Cisco Select Certified Partner. We supply and support the Cisco SPA range of phones, network switches and access routers. We also work closely with Cisco as part of their Internet Telephony Services Provider program.

The partnership with Cisco keeps us up to date and provides us with added support and educational programs that help our team better deliver our own service.

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