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Goal: To Modernise Telephony

It may be hard to believe but the telephony world is a million miles away from the Internet world. The Internet has developed rapidly with less barriers, greater participation, open standards, freedom to create new services and a spirit of innovation.

We started Voxhub to re-invent the telephone, create a new type of service by applying modern Internet thinking and put together something that we would want if we were looking for a telephony service.

Goal: Think of the Customer First

It seems like an obvious rule of business that you should put your customers first. Our experience of the telecoms market was that this was very rarely the case. We wanted to do something about it.

All aspects of what we do are 100% focused on our service to our customers. Whether this is something as important as providing excellent customer services, developing new service features or our approach to selling our service.

Goal: Create a Service with Passion

We really enjoy what we do and want our customers to enjoy it too. We often spend far too long worrying about what customers think of us but it is in our nature to do so.

Yes, the telephony world is rather boring and grey to look at. We want to add some colour, break through the norm and create some passion.

Goal: Be Ethical and Transparent

As a business it is important to us to be honest, ethical and transparent. A fundamental that we bring to all aspects of what we do.

1. Fair honest pricing with no hidden charges

2. Short term contracts with no unfair termination clauses

3. Provide guidance and transparent advice

4. Deliver on our promises

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