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User focussed Telephony

Select the right phone for the right job. All users with our versatility option get our Mobile App for iPhone or Android to help them work on the move or for business continuity.

If any user wants to use a desk phone or our CallStation desktop softphone for Windows and Mac these can be used with a simple hotdesk login.

The flexibility of our hotdesking feature on our apps and desk phones simplifies management, reduces operating costs and lets users get on with making calls rather than messing around with configuration.

Work Together from Anywhere

With a full-set of built-in cloud PBX features such as hunt groups and call queues your team can work together to answer calls.

Location is not a barrier meaning you can have multiple sites and teams split across anywhere that suits how your business operates. We offer a full range of UK telephone numbers and worldwide numbering to support your business further afield.

CallStation for Windows and Mac

Voxhub CallStation is our Desktop Softphone for Windows and Mac operating systems. It's quick to get up and running, has instant set-up with a simple user account login and provides a full softphone for those that want to make and receive calls on their laptops or desktops.

Don't be limited by softphone services that are bundled with your office suite offering basic, inflexible and poor quality voice calls.

CallStation has access to all our Enterprise telephone features, with multiple numbers, call queues, personal and team lines, messaging and directories.

Use Real Phones

Physical phones are essential to operations in restaurants, warehouses, retail environments and for conference rooms, foyers, lifts and shared access wallphones.

Desk phones are still preferred for jobs that want the superior call quality and reliability such as sales and customer service teams.

Don't be limited by services that want you to just use software phones. With simple Hotdesking features to automatically set-up and operate the phones, anyone can just login and use one when they need. Plus making changes is easy.