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Introducing Voxhub Versatility

The Versatility service gives you the flexibility to change without incurring extra costs. Every Versatilty user has access to the CallStation desktop and mobile apps and office hotdesk phones for no extra monthly charge.

This means you get a professional business telephone service to work from home or remotely but also gives you the choice of an office desk phone when you return.

Flexible working is nothing new, we have been enabling it since 2004. We have helped both large and small companies, well known brands and local businesses to achieve more and reduce costs with our UK based service.

Get flexible, stay agile with the tools to work anywhere.

Work From Home or the Office

Voxhub joins together your company to work as a team to answer calls from your customers. Whether your staff are all at home or split between home and office.

Voxhub provides a long term solution to the changing ways of working by including software and hardware phones that better fit the real-world that requires a mix of both.

Voxhub is a fully featured phone service. With a full-set of built-in cloud PBX features such as hunt groups and call queues your team can work together to answer calls.

CallStation is a Desktop Essential

CallStation co-exists nicely on your desktop with any messaging and video apps you are using. It provides a full telephone experience that means you are not making compromises.

Voxhub CallStation is our Desktop Softphone for Windows and Mac. It's quick to get up and running, has instant set-up with a simple user account login and provides a complete softphone service for those that want to make and receive calls on their desktop.

Don't be limited by soft phone only services that are bundled with your office suite or video service with basic, inflexible and poor quality voice calls.

Don't forget your Desk Phones!

The Versatility service includes office hotdesk phones for no additional monthly charge for those that want them. This means you are not paying for an empty office or any extra when you want to re-open your office either full or part-time

Desk phones are still preferred for jobs that want the superior call quality and reliability such as sales and customer service teams. Physical phones are essential to operations in restaurants, warehouses, retail environments and for conference rooms.

Don't be limited by services that want you to just use software phones. With our Hotdesking feature users can just login and have a desk phone when they want.

CallStation on your mobile

For people that prefer to use their mobile, our Versatility service includes CallStation for iPhone or Android. It's also useful for those that work on the move or as part of a business continuity strategy.

Downloadable from Google Play or the Apple App Store, it's quick to roll-out across your company. Started up with a simple login process with no manual configuration required.

Centralised management means that it's simple to give a user the app and as it's free to download there's no need to reimburse your users individual app expenses.