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Voxhub Versatility Service Pricing


We operate a fully managed business phone service with a simple per user pricing model and attractive low call costs.

Our Voxhub Versatility service combines our CallStation Mobile and CallStation Desktop softphones with our office Desk Phones to give customers flexibility to work from anywhere. Versatility also includes our hotdesking service, instant messaging and video on compatible devices.

Versatility Pricing

30 day Contract
12 Month Contract
36 Month Contract
Versatility User & UK Geo
Hotdesk Phone
No Charge
No Charge
No Charge
Conference Phone
Portable Phone
Standard Office Phone
Additional UK Geo numbers

Port in or select a new UK Main Number for your service and all users can port in or choose a new 01/02 number for their Direct Dial.

We charge a small monthly amount for a few features that not all customers require e.g. centralised call recording.

Versatility Call Costs

Our simple low call costs strike a fair balance so that you are not paying for bundles that you will not use.

Price per minute
UK local / national
UK Mobile

Minimum call charge 1p. No expensive out of bundle charges. All other special and international rates are live here.

Additional Features

Call recording from £25 per month.

Fair Termination

Simple 30 days' notice from your next invoice. If you agree to a longer contract but have to terminate earlier for whatever reason you will never pay more than if you had paid the 30 day contract price.