The idea to create an Internet telephony service came when Dan Winfield (our founder) met up with Daniel Pocock who had just started a wholesale VoIP business and was very vocal about the opportunities in this new market. Initial research by Dan, some tests and a visit to Ofcom got him thinking seriously about VoIP. Looking at the bigger picture, it was evident to him that the traditional telephony services and how they were delivered to the customer looked nothing like the Internet services that he was used to.

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Dan persuaded Chris Young, who had worked with him in the past, to join as a founder and work began on the initial service development for Voxhub. Their goal was to produce a service that gave more control to a customer to coordinate their telephones using a web browser. The name Coordinator was coined for the first user interface as a result of this.

Voxhub was first launched as a beta service in February 2005 with the first customers coming on board at the end of August 2005.

Despite initial success in attracting customers it was evident that the wholesale market was lacking many of the services we wanted to source to help deliver our service. This led us to expand our business plan to include the in-house development of core services we had failed to obtain off the shelf from others. This had the effect of slowing our delivery to market but on the plus side it gave us the chance to purpose build our service which gives us our unique style today.

Over the years we have completed many of these core projects meaning that today we operate our own Internet network over 4 data centers, have dedicated 999 services, wholesale broadband infrastructure with multiple redundant carriers, have our own telephone numbers registered at Ofcom, manage 500+ virtual servers running our software and now have many applications that we have built from scratch ourselves.

In 2010 we moved our office in to the Gyron Data centre in Hemel Hempstead. This gave us a high security location with fantastic connectivity to operate our day to day business. It also represented the point that we decided to re-organise our services around the concept of Apps.

50% of the Apps Vision
50% of the Apps Vision

In 2012 we won the ITSPA award for Best Internet Telephony Service provider for SMEs.It was fantastic to be recognised for our hard work but back then we felt we were only just starting.

Voxtop was launched in beta at the end of 2012. The desktop version and the Chrome Extension were shown for the first time at the 10th Anniversary party of our parent company held at Google Campus in London. We demonstrated instant integration with Google Apps and to an audience of customers, suppliers and industry peers. We also had a great cake and plenty of food!

The Voxhub Cake
The Voxhub Cake

In 2013 Voxtop Apps won the most Innovative Product/Service award at the annual ITSPA awards. We beat a diverse set of nominations that included some very impressive applications and innovations from the industry.

We have much more to do and will add more to our history as we make it!

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